Choir personnel

The Huddersfield Singers: Registered Charity Nº 507768

Conductor Daniel Gordon President* Susan M. Wilkinson
Accompanist Sue Ogden Membership Officer Chris Smith
Archivist Elizabeth Jones Member(s) Without Portfolio* Barbara Pfaff
Assistant Secretary* (None at present) Musical Adviser(s) Barbara Lockwood, Lynne Ninkovic, Pam Sykes
Assistant Treasurer* (None at present) Press & PR Secretary* Richard Hallas
Concert Secretary* Jenni Wohlman Press & PR Officer(s) Philippa Robinson
Pam Sykes
[Concert] Librarian*† Isabelle Bostrom
Deputy Conductor Susan M. Wilkinson Publicity Secretary*† Richard Hallas
Federal Representative Jenny Cobb Recruitment Officer* Richard Hallas
[Honorary] Secretary* Ruth Wilson Registrar Judith Reed
[Honorary] Treasurer* Pete Smith Ticket Secretary* Barbara Lockwood
Lending Librarian*† Jenni Wohlman Wardrobe Officer Jane Hoyle
Meetings Secretary* Andrew Coote Webmaster*† Richard Hallas
* [Executive] Committee position      Music Committee position
• Terms in square brackets are part of the official role title but may be omitted in everyday references
• “(None at present)” denotes an optional role that is currently unfilled but does not require an incumbent
• “(Vacant)” denotes an essential role that is currently unfilled and for which an officer is required


Seasonal Patron Vice Presidents
Gordon Sykes Pam Cooksey
John Horrocks-Taylor
Laurence Jones
Hilary Pollard
Heather Powell
Gordon Sykes



The Huddersfield Singers is currently not being sponsored by any organisation.
This makes the continued existence of this historic and valuable choir very difficult.

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Choir email addresses

The choir now has an extensive range of email addresses for contacting various individuals and groups of people. For reference, they are summarised here.

The following addresses are all official ‘role’ and ‘group’ addresses that will be updated as necessary to send email to the person(s) occupying a particular position at any given time. All email addresses take the form of:—so please just replace prefix with the appropriate word from the following table to send to the recipient(s) you require.

‘Role’ email addresses ‘Group’ email addresses
Prefix Recipient Prefix Recipients
accompanist Accompanist choir All singing members of the choir, plus the President, the Conductor, the Accompanist and the Treasurer
concerts Concert Secretary (for concert arrangements and logistics)
conductor Conductor committee All members of the choir’s Committee—all positions marked * in the table above (NB this does not include the Conductor or Accompanist)
fedrep Federal Representative
librarian Concert Librarian (who hires music for the choir to use) music All members of the choir’s repertoire-planning Music Committee—all positions marked in the table above (NB this does include the Conductor and Accompanist)
membership Membership Officer (send email here if any of your contact details need to be updated)
meetings (or minutes) Meetings Secretary (also known as Minutes Secretary) singers All singing members of the choir
musichire Lending Librarian (who hires out music owned by the choir)
president President

Some choir members also have personal addresses of the form,
and these are obviously personal and unchanging.

All email addresses are case-insensitive.

publicity (or design or programmes) Publicity Secretary (relating to the design of programmes, posters and other publicity, not to their distribution)
pressandpr (or press or pr or distribution) Press & PR Secretary (concerning the distribution and dissemination of choir publicity, not its design)
recruitment Recruitment Officer (first point of contact for information about joining the choir)
registrar Registrar (send email here if you’re going to miss a rehearsal)
secretary Secretary
tickets Ticket Secretary
treasurer Treasurer
webmaster Webmaster

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